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Antique Trade Gazette

The Great Ivory Debate

In the summer of 2016 members of our team were invited to attend an ivory discussion with the trade magazine The Antique Trade Gazette, along with representatives from the antique trade associations, dealers and lawyers. A lively discussion ensued and this set the wheels in motion for Two Million Tusks to be formed and gave us the inspiration for our study into the UK antique ivory trade.


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Antique Trade Gazette

Antique Trade Gazette - Letters Page

A TV special should explain the ivory in art article in The Antiques Trade Gazette 


A letter from Two Million Tusks  responding to The Antiques Trade Gazette article about this TV special and giving their own ideas


Questions are asked regarding Two Million Tusks letter suggesting there should be a TV programme on the subject of ivory.

ATG readers respond to our letter 26/02/2015 
Politicians ignore the facts, the Ivory bill and the trades reaction. 



Antique Trade Gazette

 Two Million Tusks query the promotion of a pro ivory petition

On 17 September 2018 The Antiques Trade Gazette published an edited letter from Two Million Tusks in response to their promotion of a petition calling on the Government to review the Ivory Bill and increase the de minimis rule from 10 to 50%.  You can read the unabridged letter here.


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The Times 

In January 2018 Two Million Tusks were pleased to assist Georgie Keates from The Times in undertaking her own investigation into the UK ivory trade.

We uncovered a raw tusk for sale, as did The Times journalist.



Sunday Times

Insert article from Sunday Times.....and intro

The Conservation charity Tusk responds to this article on their website insert link. "Lewis fails to consider our moral obligation to an iconic species as well as the UK's potential to influence and support global action to halt the march of the fourth largest criminal industry in the world."


Two Million Tusks contributed findings from our study Ivory: The Grey Areas.



IWB -Stephen Wiggins 

Stephen Wiggins article - UK Auction Houses Ignoring 'Legal' Ivory Trading Requirements.

19th October 2017, Two Million Tusks study "Ivory-The Grey Areas"  was released.  This study encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the UK auctioning of Ivory lots during the 2016/17 period. 


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The Telegraph

19th December 2017 an article by Colin Gleadell. The House of Lords Debate the proposal for a ban in ivory.


Two Million Tusks is an example of a team researching successfully - combing the British country salesrooms on-line to find some evidence that modern Ivory is slipping through the net as fake antiques, and Two  Million Tusks established that these salerooms could not date the Ivory they were selling. 



Valley News

The campaign to end the UK ivory trade is being stepped up locally by a new local conservation group Two Million Tusks.  The group wants the government to ban the UK ivory trade.


They claim that following the launch last week of the government   


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The Salisbury Journal

A protest in May 2016 outside Woolley & Wallis Auction House in Salisbury led to a productive meeting with the Chairman and the Head of the trade association SOFAA.


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The Lymington Times

A protest in May 2016 outside Woolley & Wallis Auction House in Salisbury led to a productive meeting with the Chairman and the Head of the trade association SOFAA.



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