Ivory Bill 2018 

Two Million Tusks submitted a detailed response to the Government’s Ivory Consultation in October 2017 and another in August 2019 in response to their call for evidence about ivory from other species.

The Governments in-depth analysis of the 70,000+ responses included evidence and data submitted by Two Million Tusks.  In April 2018 we were delighted to learn that a comprehensive ban will be introduced in due course.

On 4 June 2018 the new Ivory Bill received its second reading in the House of Commons. Once again data and evidence provided through our detailed report ‘Ivory - The Grey Area’s’ was quoted and helped to form and shape the outcome of the Bill. There was overwhelming full cross party support of the Bill.  Many calls for further tightening and strengthening of the Bill were heard including the inclusion of ivory from all ivory bearing species such as the narwhal, whale, warthog, hippo and the extinct mammoth. A full transcript of the Bill reading is available via Hansard.

The Bill has gone through the  Committee stage at which point Two Million Tusks submitted further evidence including the latest figures of ivory available for sale within UK auction houses.

September 2018 - The Bill passed through the House of Lords.  All tabled amendments were withdrawn or not moved.

Baroness Jones of Whitchurch made some very valid points, which TMT have also championed for some time: 

"The problem is that we simply do not have the resources to go around carbon-dating every single piece of ivory on the market. That is why we have to find some way of restricting it. If not, people will put their own classification on the ivory; sometimes it will be correct and sometimes it will be incorrect."

"At the end of the day, it is about priorities. As far as I am concerned, the priority is the elephants living in the wild.  On this issue, the noble Lord (Comack) has his priorities wrong."

You can follow the progress of the Bill here.

Other Ivories Consultation 2019

Two Million Tusks submitted a detailed response to the Government’s Call for Evidence for Other Ivories in August 2019. The submission included invaluable evidence of 'other ivories' sales over a 6.5 year period and comprehensive research into the cultural use of sperm whale teeth in the South Pacific. 

The Government are currently reviewing the evidence submitted, with a view to increasing the protection afforded to elephants (within the Ivory Bill 2018), to other animals; such as hippopotamus, walrus, sperm whales and narwhals. The Governments review is due to be published in November 2019.