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Since the publication of Ivory: The Grey Areas we have been asked to assist organisations in Canada, Australia and more recently New Zealand. There are currently campaigns in each of these countries, calling for an ivory trade ban.

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New Zealand

No Domestic Trade with the Jane Goodall Institute published an open letter in October 2018 calling on the New Zealand government to close the New Zealand domestic trade in elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn. Two Million Tusks are proud signatories of this letter.

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Elephanatics asked Two Million Tusks to join 95 other signatories in a letter to Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, and her Deputy Minister, Dr Stephen Lucas. That's one signature for each of the 96 elephants who died each day during the frightening years of 2010 - 2012.

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Two Million Tusks were pleased to provide a written submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee of Law Enforcement in support of a total ban of Australia’s trade in ivory and rhino horn in May 2018.

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Elephant Activists wrote to the EU in June 2018 regarding their position on closing domestic ivory markets. Two Million Tusks joined many other groups in the letter urging that this issue be discussed and agreement reached to close such markets.

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5 elephants from Gottani Circus were badly hurt in a road accident in April 2018 in Spain. One of them, called Dana died and the images of her lifeless body lying on the road shocked and moved the entire world. Two Million Tusks signed a manifesto by PACMA calling on the circus to retire the remaining girls. Please sign the petition.