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Other Ivories Consultation 

Our response to the Governments call for evidence is now available to download. 

Two Million Tusks Other Ivories Consultation

Peaceful Protest

Join us at 9am or earlier, on 16th October 2019 at the High Court, Royal Court of Justice, Strand, London  WC2A 2LL, as we protest against the Judicial Review of the 2018 Ivory Bill.

Two Million Tusks produced irrefutable evidence that the antiques trade are selling ivory without regard to the current laws.  It is therefore imperative that existing ivory laws are strengthened and redefined so they can be implemented effectively.

Please download and print these posters to show your support on the day. 





Judicial Review of the 2018 Ivory Bill

On 16th October 2019 the UK Ivory Bill is being challenged in the High court by FACT (Friends of Antique Cultural Treasures Limited).

We could ask who is the criminal here; The antique trade trying to sell ivory or the people trying to save elephants from extinction?

The antique trade have acted without due diligence or qualification. We demonstrated this in our report Ivory - The Grey Areas that over 90% of ivory lots are sold without adequate provenance and that old ivory covers the sale of new (illegal) ivory.

‘If FACT is successful in its challenge, "this could result in the court declaring the relevant provisions of the Ivory Act incompatible with EU law; this would effectively render them invalid”, BADA said in a note to FACT supporters on Monday, July 15.’

Re poster for court ELEPHANTS CAN'T SURV
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Ivory: The Grey Areas - A study of UK auction house ivory sales - The missing evidence

In October 2017 Two Million Tusks published a detailed, evidence based report Ivory: The Grey Areas exposing the UK’s immense and unregulated ivory trade. This provided the British Government with their first ever evaluation of trading within UK auction houses.

The results were shocking. The evidence has helped influence and shape the government’s UK ivory ban. 

Please download the full report 'Ivory: The Grey Areas' or the Executive Summary here.

Since the publication of Ivory: The Grey Areas we have been asked to assist organisations in Canada, Australia and more recently New Zealand. There are campaigns in each of these countries, for an ivory trade ban, you can find out more and support these campaigns on our 'Around the World' page.

Photo credit: Andrew Brown