'Two Million Tusks' (TMT) is a small team of concerned citizens. Having individually been
involved in anti-ivory campaigning, they decided to join forces to investigate the amount
of ivory being traded by auction houses in the UK and the extent to which the trade was
illegal. Formed in 2016, the team was quickly noticed by leading elephant conservation
charities, who are fully supportive of them and their revealing report, which has been
prepared in the public’s interest to share information and assist the ongoing debate on the UK ivory trade.

'Two Million Tusks' is named after the one million elephants killed during 100 years of the
modern UK ivory trade.

Chief Inspector Martin Sims, Head of the National Wildlife Crime Unit, (NWCU) is also
supportive of the study: “Two Million Tusks have highlighted significant issues within the
antique industry whereby many auction houses try to sell ivory without even knowing the
law nor the provenance/proof of age of the items they are trying to sell.”

Report Authors:
The report, 'Ivory: The Grey Areas', was independently researched, funded and voluntarily prepared by Jane Alexandra, Louise Ravula, Susie Laan and Pete Matthews.

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